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Flexible blade smoothes compound like magic!

  • Erase trowel lines
  • Finish drywall
  • Skimcoat walls
  • Knockdown textures

The Magic Trowels patented blade is designed to smooth out and spread all compounds without leaving those annoying trowel lines. This product will help reduce the sanding you would normally have with metal blades. A real time and labor saving product.

Erase Trowel Lines

Finish Drywall
(Roll on compound, wipe smooth)

Skimcoat Walls
(Roll on like paint, wipe smooth)

Knockdown Textures

Magic Trowel Kit Includes:
22" blade, 12" blade and stainless steel handle with non-slip grip. No. 8819

MagicTrowel is available at
the following locations:



Magic Trowel is
available in 6 sizes:

26" blade - No. 8836

24" blade - No. 8835

22" blade - No. 8828

18" blade - No. 8827

14" blade - No. 9927

12" blade - No. 8826



Skim Coating Deep Depressions in walls, block walls, and old deep textured surfaces.

1. Always wet the magic trowel blade before using
2. Always wipe the compound smooth going the same direction as your paint roller
3. Add water to all-purpose joint compound and mix before using
4. Apply fiber tape to all cracks and joints

Items Needed
1. Magic Trowel
2. all-purpose premix drywall compound
3. One-Day Compound such as Durabond®, ShureBond® or GoldBond®
4. Semi-gloss paint

Note: One-Day compounds usually come in a 25-LB bag of powder to which water is added and mixed until creamy. One-Day compound has several advantages over premixes: does not shrink, stronger and sets instead of drying. One-Day compounds have set-up times that vary from 20 min. 45 min. 90 min. 210 min. which allows a couple of coats to be applied in one day. Be sure to choose the setting time that suits your needs.

Before skim coating a wall or ceiling, be sure to scrape off any high places, lo0se paint or debris using a putty knife or a taping knife. Next, prime the surface with semi gloss paint, as this will give you more working time with the compounds and create a better bond to surface. Fill in any deep holes or crevasses with a One-Day compound. Apply the One-Day compound by using a regular 1/2" paint roller and roll onto surface in a "paint" like fashion. Remember to wet your magic trowel before using and wipe the compound smooth going in the same direction as the roller. After the One-Day compound has dried apply an all-purpose premix drywall compound to the surface. Just add 8 oz of water to 5 gallons of compound and mix until creamy. Apply the compound to the surface by simply dipping the paint roller into the bucket of compound, wipe off any excess compound on the bottom of the roller back into the bucket and roll on the compound in a "paint" like fashion. Next, wet your magic trowel and wipe the compound smooth in the same direction as the roller. Note: using a pre-mix compound for your second coat will make it a lot easier to sand. Now that the surface has dried sand, prime and spot any imperfections there may be and allow to dry again. Finally sand and prime the spots and paint. 

Knocking down textures
Magic trowel works great for knocking down all non-aggregate textures (with out sand pearl light extra). Always be sure to wet the magic trowel before using. It is best to knock down the texture going the same direction in which it was rolled on. Also note that to achieve a uniform knock down finish, always go across the framework (studs, and ceiling rafters) behind the drywall surface.

Skim coating old damaged walls from wallpaper removal
Scrape off any loose debris, prime with semi-gloss paint and then add 8oz of water to all-purpose joint compound mix until creamy. Now use a 1/2" paint roller and dip into the bucket of compound wiping off any excess on the bottom of the roller in to the bucket then roll the compound like painting. Wet your magic trowel blade and the wipe the compound smooth going in the same direction as you roll the compound on. Allow the compound to dry then sand, prime spot any imperfections, prime then spots then paint

How to finish drywall
1. If using fiber tape, first fill in any holes in the drywall seams or the butt joints with joint compound. Let dry. If using fiber tape, just apply fiber tape to butt joint and seams. Now add 1/3 gallon of water to the joint compound and roll it on with a 4" paint roller on the seams and butt joints like painting, and wipe smooth with Magic Trowel. Now let this coat dry and apply your second coat with a 7" paint cover and roller in the same fashion. Once again wipe smooth with Magic Trowel. For your last coat simply do the same thing, but use topping compound for easier sanding (NOTE: use a 9" roller for your last coat). For butt joints roll on both sides of the tape to help feather it out, making the butt joints twice as wide as the seams. Let dry and sand.

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