Old World (3-D faux finish) Products
Now create an Old World 3 dimensional texturing faux effect. Everything you need to make this effect is included in this kit. Kit Includes an instructional tape, Old World applicator, fern pattern, sanding relief pad and DIY Magic trowel. Our Old World applicator will fit on any standard paint frame. Apply your compound (not included in the kit) with the roller, splay your compound with the DIY trowel knocking down some of the high points. Use excess compound on trowel to fill in around corners and doors. Leave some of the original surface exposed this will give you that worn effect. You may use the pattern that is included in your kit to create a fossil effect or choose from several theme patterns we have available, see patterns. Or you may choose not to use any patterns and create just your Old World effect. Once compound is dry use your sanding relief pad and sand down all rough and sharp edges. Paint with a high gloss white paint and allow to dry. Choose your finishing colors and mix with glaze, apply paint with glaze mixture to wall and wash with sponge. You have your Old World effect.

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